Microdosing Cannabis

Micro-dosing entails taking a small, measured amount of THC, with the common way to micro-dose being through edibles. Every day, this is becoming a common practice among medical and recreational cannabis consumers, and many engage in it to reap the benefits of cannabis without having to go through high levels of psychoactive effects that can potentially interfere with some of their daily activities.

Micro-dosing is considered a great way to introduce the body to cannabis products for those starting out. It also comes in handy for regular cannabis users in regulating their tolerance levels.

Low-Dose Edibles

As more people venture into the consumption of cannabis, low-dose edibles are increasingly becoming popular as they are the most preferred option for the majority. Edibles offer a wide range of possibilities and take time to be effective; thus, it is advisable to wait for at least one hour before consuming another portion to avoid grave effects. 

Products like our hard candies are a great way to test out lower doses of Delta 9 THC with each piece only offering 2 MG of THC and CBD. We have had customers also report cutting pieces of chocolate or caramels in half or to their desired size as a way to consume a smaller amount of THC.

Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis

Micro-dose THC is associated with potential benefits; thus, it is becoming a common practice and is only expected to get better. These benefits include:

●Microdosing cannabis helps to avoid unwanted and unpleasant side effects. This also helps in reaping off the health benefits of cannabis while keeping the potent, state-altering effects at bay.

●Micro-dosing is an effective way to introduce a beginner to cannabis consumption. Through micro-dosing, beginners can settle on the right portions and increase the dosage the more they become comfortable with cannabis intake. ●Starting with small amounts of cannabis is a good way to gradually increase cannabis intake until one finds a suitable "sweet spot" dose.

●Smaller doses affect patients suffering from anxiety differently depending on the type of microdose THC taken. Consuming larger doses at one may increase the level of anxiety and significantly contribute to more unrest.

●Micro-dosing also helps to reset the body system, especially for those feeling like they are developing marijuana tolerance. It does not only help cut costs spent on marijuana but also helps one control the amount they take at a time.

The best dosage of cannabis micro-dosing depends on factors such as:

● Metabolism

● Product Type

● Cannabis usage history

● Tolerance to cannabinoids like THC and CBD

● The product concentration

Microdosing THC

Commonly, micro-dosing is used with medicinal cannabis with a high THC percentage. This is due to the fact that THC is known as a cannabinoid with intoxicating effects, although it still holds potential benefits.

A smaller THC dose allows one to experience medical benefits or therapeutic effects without having to go through other serious effects of THC.

Microdosing CBD

Generally, cannabidiol or CBD does not hold the same effects as THC. Depending on the approach taken, CBD micro-dosing benefits range from having the full experience of the entourage effects, which are synergistic interactions obtained from different compounds to enjoying its potential benefits.

Usually, results are highly dependent on the type of CBD product that is incorporated, among other factors. As much as some CBD types do not have THC, full-spectrum CBD has been proven to contain amounts of THC.

At Xite, we offer products containing the perfect one to one ratio of Delta 9 THC and CBD for a balanced and comfortable edible experience.

Is Microdosing Right For You?

Micro-dosing is ideal for any regular cannabis consumer, although it all boils down to preferences. For some, ingesting cannabis is a special occasion, and their main goal is to experience the product's full effects. However, others consider it to be a beneficial tool and prefer to take it in small amounts so long as they feel even the smallest of effects.

Micro-dosing is also important in promoting sleep and improving one's focus. First-time micro-dosers should monitor the body's change before increasing the dosage, as the ultimate goal is to go for a dose that provides the smallest noticeable effects.

Over time, the incorporation of small doses leads to increased cannabis sensitivity. In a couple of years, it is predicted that micro-dosing may become the most popular way in which people choose to interact with cannabis.