What Is The Difference Between Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC and Marijuana THC Products?

Many individuals seek marijuana products for their multiple advantages, particularly for recreational purposes. However, there may be some confusion regarding the many forms and legality of hemp products on the market.

What is the distinction between Delta 9 THC and Delta 8 THC? This post will clear the air concerning these two cannabis compounds.

Delta 9 Extraction

D9 THC is a key cannabinoid present at high concentrations in cannabis. As a result, extraction is typically less complex and straightforward. There are no harmful chemicals used to convert any cannabinoids and we only utilize all natural Hemp Derived THC in our products that are 100% derived from Hemp. 

Effects of Delta 9

Delta 9 is significantly more potent than Delta 8. Some estimate it is roughly twice as potent overall. D9 THC is the cannabis chemical most marijuana users want when seeking a euphoric high, and it is what most individuals mean when they refer to "THC." Delta 9 binds to CB-1 receptors in the brain, resulting in powerful psychoactive effects such as exhilaration, relaxation, talkativeness, and laughing.

Delta 8 THC has minor psychoactive effects; however, they are substantially less potent than Delta 9. Delta 8 and 9 consumers may be searching for the medical effects of this kind of THC, such as pain alleviation, anxiety relief, decreased inflammation, and sleeplessness relief but results do vary depending on the cannabinoid consumed…

Xite Delta 9 Products

In terms of products, the two cannabis compounds are quite similar. They can be vaporized or smoked in bud form or taken in edible form. There are also several topicals, pills, tinctures, candies, and other products that exist. Here at Xite, we specialize in Delta 9 products that come in the form of chocolate, popcorn, carmels and more! We are constantly experimenting with new flavors and forms, so stay up to date with our latest thc products for sale.

Legality of Delta 9

Marijuana, as you are undoubtedly aware, is not legal federally in the United States. However, individual states have mainly been allowed to push for legislation. Currently, 34 states have made marijuana lawful for medicinal or recreational use.

As a result, the legal status of Delta 9 THC from Marijuana is illegal in most states however Delta 9 THC derived from Hemp that is no greater than 0.3% are legal federally in each in every state.  

Federally, Delta 8 THC is still theoretically lawful. This is because of the uncertainties in the Farm Bill, which allowed hemp production. No provision in the bill bans extracting Delta 8 THC from hemp and using it to make products.

However, the psychoactive effect of Delta 8 has resulted in a number of state-level restrictions. Currently, 15 states prohibit the sale and usage of Delta 8 hemp products, with additional six states considering legal action. So, while Delta 8 is now more common than D 9 THC, how long this will persist is unknown.

Delta 9 vs. Delta 8 Dosing

Dosing is different for everyone and you should be responsible with your decisions. Whatever cannabinoid you choose, it’s recommended to start initially with a low dose and potency and gradually increase as per your tolerance. This is important to avoid adverse effects or other unpleasant symptoms.

If you are unsure, you may look for dose guidelines or speak with a medical practitioner about what is best for you, especially if you are taking additional drugs.

Availability of Delta Products 

Due to our products containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC our products are 100% legal in your state. Visit our online collection or find us in local Hemp dispensaries throughout the country.  Access to edibles online is limited, but we have your back!

We hope this article has provided you with all the information you need regarding Delta 8 vs. Delta 9 cannabinoids. Now that you are more aware of their differences and similarities, you may search for a product that will be ideal for you, depending on your needs and tastes.

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